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Paleo Bar, 9 – 1.5oz (42g) Bars, Nuts About Berries
Paleo Bar, 9 - 1.5oz (42g) Bars, Nuts About BerriesNaturally Gluten-Free, NoGii Paleo bars are formulated to appease even the fussiest palate and purest of Paleo diets. With All-Natural, High-Quality ingredients NoGii Paleo bars are a convenient source of “Paleoriffic” foods, that give you a NO compromise solution to your Paleo Diet. “While enduring 39 days of living off-the-land in the Australian Outback, participating in the reality TV show survivor, I experienced first-hand how this nutritional lifestyle change could dramatically alter my entire well-being, improving my overall digestive function and energy levels. Eat clean and gluten-free with NoGii Paleo.” – Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Co-Host of ABC’s The View, ABC News Contributor and Author of the Best-Selling Book “The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide”

Company: NoGii
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