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It seems like we’ve always been told that there isn’t much we can do about teeth cavities. I’ve tried this method and so far so good. It will take a few months to see how it works long term, but it’s simple enough to try it out and decide for yourself if it improves your dental health and wellness. Check out the details here.


#‎Coconut‬ oil has revealed another of its many health benefits – it can kill bacteria associated with tooth decay. Find out how to use #coconut oil as a natural ‪#‎toothpaste‬.

Why You Should Start Using Coconut Oil as a Toothpaste

May 5, 2015   Health

Coconut oil has revealed another of its many health benefits – it can kill bacteria associated with tooth decay. Researchers from Ireland’s Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) tested coconut oil’s action against Streptococcus bacteria, which inhabit your mouth. They showed that when the oil was treated with enzymes, in a process similar to digestion, it inhibited the growth of bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans that produces acids which can make your teeth rot.

The research team tested vegetable oil, olive oil and coconut oil, both in their natural state and when treated with enzymes. Only coconut oil treated with enzymes showed the antimicrobial activity, and already small quantities were able to reach the positive effect. Keeping coconut oil in your mouth allows it to interact with your saliva which has natural digestive enzymes from your own body.

This recent research built on a previous study that examined the effects of enzyme-treated milk, which also showed the potential to prevent the harmful bacteria from binding to tooth enamel. Dr. Damien Brady, the lead researcher, explains that their data shows the products of human digestion have an antimicrobial activity. Furthermore, he believes the findings are important for the future of dental hygiene products.

Coconut oil could prove to be a viable and safe alternative to commercially used chemical products and all you need to do it to keep it in your mouth so that it would interact with the enzymes found in your saliva.

3 Good Reasons to Replace your Standard Toothpaste for Coconut Oil

If you’re considering ditching your artificial commercial toothpaste, here are some reasons to support your decision to use coconut oil instead:

  1. It’s natural and safe

Many commercial toothpastes contain potentially toxic chemicals. There is a certain toothpaste that can actually embed plastic in your gums and some toothpastes can even cause cancer.

Here are some of the dangerous substances in your commercial toothpaste:

  • Triclosan – which might cause hormonal disruptions and antibiotic resistance. It has also been linked to some types of cancers.
  • Fluoride– a poisonous industrial waste product. I’ve already covered the hidden dangers of fluoride in your water.
  • Surfactants, such as sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) – a foaming agent that can cause canker sores and disturbs the function of your taste buds.

If you use coconut toothpaste, you avoid all these potentially harmful effects.


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